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About The Brand

For Garland Collection, jewelry is always personal. When my hubby proposed more than eleven years ago (OK, more like begged. Misunderstanding protocol, he got down on both knees), we designed a crest for our wedding invitation incorporating our initials into an ornate, antique-style border.

On our first anniversary, I commissioned this wedding crest to be engraved into an unusual gold oval plate to remind me of that special day. I was a style writer and editor at the time, so what was simply intended as something special and sentimental ultimately took on a life of its own, as other editors and industry peers began requesting the plate with their own personalization. This necklace soon became Garland Collection’s Signature pendant and a jewelry line was born.

Garland Collection
leona and stanley garland

It seemed apropos to name Garland Collection after my grandparents, Leona and Stanley Garland, who are not only my style icons, but high school sweethearts who enjoyed a more than 60-year love story.

necklacePersonalized jewelry is the heart of Garland Collection.

“In my own lifelong collection, these pieces are wearable reminders of special times and the people in my life.”

garland collection

While the Signature Collection of nameplates, ID bracelets, cufflinks and signet rings will always be the cornerstones of the line, as they are intended as classics, today Garland continually showcases new designs and interpretations to tell the story of this modern heirloom line.


Garland Collects is a carefully curated selection of vintage and estate costume jewelry spanning the 19th through the 20th century. I have been collecting costume jewelry for most of my adult life, fascinated not only by its history, but by the bold look that so many of these pieces exude. Often influenced by these pieces in my own line, I also layer my own wardrobe with the fine and delicate jewelry that I create and the exuberant costume jewelry i have long since admired. We offer Garland Collects vintage jewelry as an inspired compliment to our fine jewelry.

garland collection

Home and family are at the epicenter of my universe and Garland Collection has, from the very beginning, reflected what inspires me in my own life. Rounding out the Garland Collection lifestyle, we have launched Garland Collects Maison. Gravitating toward sophisticated, yet playful spaces, quirky and decadent tablescapes, and rooms that reflect a life well-loved and lived, we now showcase a carefully curated selection of vintage and antique serving pieces, décor and custom textiles.

garland instagram

Just like my children, Garland Collection fine jewelry was born in Los Angeles and is being raised in New York. Yet, we continue to use master bench jewelers on both coasts to execute our meticulous, custom and handcrafted work and are proud that the brand calls both LA and NY home.

garland instagram

As a writer, editor and stylist covering home, fashion, beauty, travel, food and lifestyle for major magazines and websites, Up Chic’s Creek merges the passions and happy chaos of my life, chronicling all that inspires the Garland Collection brand.

Home base is now The Barn House, a bucolic, but sometimes ramshackle farmhouse, where I live with my husband, twin boys nicknamed Sweetlips & The Bean, and my soulmate Lola, a Cavalier King Charles and the Official Unofficial Spokesdog of Garland Collection.

Garland Dog

The Barn

Nicole Mann Novick

charms Thank you for being a part of Garland Collection's world and mine.


Nicole Mann Novick
Designer and Founder

"Dynamic and often cheeky with a wink to the whimsical, the pieces that define Garland Collection are always classics."